Hon. Funsho Olumoko

Hon. Funsho Olumoko: Defining A Humanist Bolster In The Lead Way

Allow me to quickly occasioned my reminisce, particularly quicking up to attempt this subject matter in a view to discover and connect the priorities in the concept of humanism.

By this standard I mean, humanism is inherent. Therefore, it is explained within a distinguished inherent formation of human propensity or inclination markedly toward the transformation of mankind. 

This assertion therefore, means a predisposition in a natural content, a penchant kind of,  an inbuilt trait of flexibility, yeilding, characterizing, developing and promoting human dignity, explaining human investment, building and making of mankind for the greatest happiness of all.

Needless to unnecessarily pontificate, Hon. Funsho Olumoko is an explication, a picture of attraction and quality wrapped in bacon that match up this unilateral discourse. A remarkable soul, an extraordinary being whose tapestry of richness is a design that has enriched lives in countless proven ways. A vibrant thread, a symphony that has immeasurable signs of inspiration that illuminate and ignite the quenching flames in many lives.

Hon. Funsho Olumoko

Arriving at this subject is avowed. Assuredly, Funsho Olumoko is a breath of fresh air. An indomitable spirit, a guilding light. Confidently speaking, Funsho’s presence has ooze out aura of kindness and compassion, casting a radiant glow upon all those fortunate enough to bask in his gratifying embrace.

I recalled countless testaments of his testimonials of grandeur and benevolence across board. When listen to people talk about how he gives them alms, even within a domains that are not his, I feel pretty proud of him.


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Hear people talk about him: He has a sympathetic attache and responsive impulse to attentions. And that he has always being a companions, providing solace in times of turbulence and strength in times of tribulation. Funsho’s description out there is however enamored, potential and fucund.

Beyond politics Hon. Funso Olumoko has demonstrated to be beacon of hope to humanity. A true confidant to whom one can turn to during life’s turbulent storms. His genuine care and invariant support have served as a constant reminder that no challenge is insurmountable when faced with the love and enthusiasm of a true patriot.

Vintage Funsho was made from a different stuff. Little wonder, he exemplifies this trait in politics as two-term administrator of Ijumu Local Government Area in Kogi State. Slightly above a decade ago, seems like a day-break that a structural performance, a pioneer intelligentsia and proficiential arthitecture of a modern Ijumu council strolled in public appearance as an exemplary refiner in Nigeria politics.

Many wondered his magic wade to have turned things around within that short period of his reign as a Caretaker Chairman which till now has not been rivaled.

Funsho Olumoko define and redefining Ijumu politics. Gifted with fortitude, self-confidence and skilled with preoration. Youthful, proportionate, mannered and intelligent. As chairman then, he was extraordinary bulk, prudent, proactive and developmental. Till now in Ijumu Local Government, No Party leadership has his records and achievements. He rejuvenated; gave new vigor to Ijumu, until then left, wet and limp of all inhuman indulgences. Now become a more collected place for all.

Funsho, still unbeatable with his fast-paced development as an administrator par excellence. He also emerged as one of those rare breeds who rule their world and are not bound by a time clock or being dogmatic. Nothing sets him in a bootstrapping aura like setbacks and challenges. He face life with a resolute and resilient spicy.

Funsho is like a phoenix that rises from the ashes on a pyre to the peak of a glowing status against all political odds. Self-confident, driven by the philosophy of a man’s exploit should always exceed his reach, which is why he reaches for the moon, knowing that if he seizes the horn of a crescent moon, his hands will touch the stars. Funsho Olumoko is passionate about the greatness of fellow man, only a humanist bolsters in that lead way. He’s a founder of Ogidi-Omo movement, a movement with a sagacious political presence across Okun land.

Martins Mejabi is the Editor, National Trust

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