Kogi guber: Smartness is not by name, age or class

By Babajide Obafemi.

It is always appalling and heartbreaking when you find an elder who is highly rated in the seat of featherbrains. The Yoruba parlance “agba kin soro bi ewe” readily comes to mind when you see those who are supposed to act honourably in a way befitting of an elder condescends as low as being puerile.

Sadly these days, smartness and intelligence are neither by name nor by age and class. If it is, then one would have expected some level of decorum, maturity and act of smartness from Senator Smart Adeyemi, a three-time Senator representing Kogi West in the red section of our hallowed chamber.

You just want to ask yourself why the not-so-distinguished Senator is crying wolf after benefitting from such a pitiable meal he, in conjunction with the outgoing governor, Yahaya Bello, served others to his own advantage in the past.

Maybe the only answer that readily comes to mind is that the Senator was observing table manners during his good times with GYB.

When you are at the table enjoying the meal, you don’t talk but when the meal is over, like a parrot, you can sing out loud if you don’t get to partake in another round of the meal.

But isn’t it fair for him to reduce his vocal volume, at least, he was once a beneficiary of those untoward charades called primaries, that he now says he is fighting against because it no longer favours him?

Let’s draw it down a bit, Senator Smart Adeyemi, before the luck that brought in GYB as the governor of Kogi State had been elected to represent Kogi West as the senator for two terms. He had also gotten the ticket of PDP and ran for the third time but the Buhari tsunami swept him away and brought in Senator Dino Melaye his political ‘husband’.

Although, one can not confirm the authenticity of the reports making the round at that time that the Senator became dead broke after a few years out of office and all his hotel investments scattered in his adopted hometown, Ilorin, became grounded. But his character and the pattern he made his way to join the Bello’s camp, made all rumours appear like the truth after all.

After he had joined the camp of Bello who he was supposed to be a leader to, going by his years in politics and experiences. He, Smart, became so gullible that he foams in the mouth like a bird and parades his ignoramus behavior in defending the governor no matter the situation or whose ox is gored. What Smart failed to realize is that what goes around comes around.

Often time, in different viral videos, the Senator had pledged his unalloyed loyalty to the governor. I remembered that in one of the videos, he said he will support any decision taken by the governor no matter how crude or refined they are. He said in one of the videos, that he will support any candidate that the governor presents as his successor even if such a person is his enemy. Today, GYB has chosen his nephew as his successor, against the belief of Smart Adeyemi’s inordinate ambition to become the governor of the state. My question now is, what has actually changed?

Against his support for Bello come rain or sunshine, why is he suddenly against the governor’s candidate despite all his promises and vows? He said even if the governor’s successor is his enemy, he will gladly support him, I am sure that Ododo is not his enemy so why is the continuous insistent on challenging the primaries that brought Ododo in when he once benefitted from such a primary?

May I remind the Senator that he too was once foisted on the people of Kogi West constituency against their choice of Toyin Akanle a Yagba man during the primary that brought him in for the third term that he had just finished.

Going down memory lane, I remembered vividly how loud the agitation of Yagba people was during that period because they had never occupied the coveted seat of a senator within the axis of Kogi West senatorial district. They wanted it badly and so Toyin Akanle their son had wide acceptance by the people but the governor wanted to repay Smart for his loyalty and had plans of rewarding him with a third term in office.

Has the Senator forgotten so soon how he was trounced by Senator Dino Melaye before the court ruled for a re-run which INEC in their wisdom fixed for same day with the governorship election and the second term re-election of Governor Yahaya Bello?

Maybe the Senator has to be reminded that were it not for GYB’s help in brutally enforcing him on the people through hook and crook, he can not ordinarily beat Senator Dino Melaye in a free and fair election in Kogi State.

Well, those who know me and know who I am, will vouch that I am not and can not be a mouthpiece for Bello and his co-travelers but seeing Senator Smart’s reactions to the impunity he once benefitted from, beats my imagination silly.

Will someone who is close to the Senator help advise him to please keep his remaining integrity (if there is any left), in the bag and keep quiet on anything regarding GYB, now and forever? He should be advised to keep loitering around Aso Rock and around his friend Shettima the Vice President, maybe he can be lucky to still get a Federal Government appointment now or later. They should tell him that his rants are unnecessary, he should be told that most people at home do not enjoy his cry for justice because his hands too are soiled with injustice. He still has a little more time to act his name or change the name.

If he truly want to redeem his image and act out his name he should jettisoned his inordinate ambition and team up with well meaning individuals for an Okun man to occupy Lugard House come November 11. Then maybe, just maybe, history might be nice to him.

For now he need to pull the brakes for he is already acting like a broken record.

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