Empowering Okun Women: Okun Daughters Forum’s School Visit To Promote Health And Education

The Okun Daughters Forum (ODF) is a registered group of Okun women from around the world. Committed to achieving its objectives, the ODF organizes various initiatives to empower Okun women and promote their well-being. One such initiative is an annual secondary school visit, where they engage with young female students to discuss important topics related to health, education, determination, and social issues. In continuation of their efforts, the ODF recently visited Community High School in Aiyetoro Gbede, bringing together five schools and over 300 female students.

The event, titled “YOUR HEALTH, YOUR WEALTH: YOUR HEALTH, YOUR PRIORITY,” aimed to enlighten and inspire young girls to prioritize their health and education. Six members of the Okun Daughters Forum led the discussions, covering topics such as personal hygiene, the importance of education, determination, and the prevention of rape. The presentations were designed to empower the students with knowledge and encourage them to take charge of their lives.

The school visit was attended by esteemed guests, including Pastor S. A Otitoju, President of the Aiyetoro Gbede Development Association, High Chief Peter Alabi, the Oloda of Oda, as well as the school principal, staff from the participating schools and supporters of Okun Daughters Forum. . Their presence added value to the event, showcasing the strong community support for the ODF’s initiatives.

The visit to Community High School, Aiyetoro Gbede, was part of the ODF’s ongoing efforts to reach out to secondary schools in the Okun region of Kogi State. Prior visits had already taken place in Iyara, Ekinrin Adde, Iyamoye, Ife Olukotun, and Ponyan on 21/06/2023. These visits serve as a platform for the ODF to engage with young girls, providing them with guidance, support, and valuable insights to navigate the challenges they may face.

YeyeAaremo Ayodele Oluwakemi, PhD, FNCS, the Founder and Initiator of the Okun Daughters Forum, expressed her appreciation to the community for creating an enabling environment for the ODF’s activities. The support and collaboration of local leaders, educational institutions, and the community at large have been instrumental in the success of the ODF’s initiatives.

The Okun Daughters Forum’s secondary school visit to Community High School, Aiyetoro Gbede, served as a platform to empower Okun Girl Children with knowledge and inspiration. By addressing topics such as personal hygiene, education, determination, and the prevention of rape and other social vices, the ODF aims to equip young girls with the tools needed to lead healthy and successful lives. The continued efforts of the ODF highlight their commitment to uplifting Okun women and creating a brighter future for the Okun community as a whole. Sanitary towels, Event Content and flex were distributed. students and the participating schools

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