46th Birthday: Hon Mayowa Idris Gives Medical Support, Donate Cash To The Sick In Ijumu Hospitals

46th Birthday: Hon Mayowa Idris Gives Medical Support, Donate Cash To The Sick In Ijumu Hospitals

46th Birthday: Hon Mayowa Idris Gives Medical Support, Donate Cash To The Sick In  Ijumu Hospitals


A chairmanship candidate in Ijumu from APC Hon. Mayowa Idris celebrated his birthday in a grand manner.
Mayowa, who celebrated this year’s celebration with a nostalgic impulse and a sense of gratitude towards Almighty God, decided to point his benevolent heart pointers to those less fortunate. and sick in the hospital in the land of Ijumu.

This year’s celebration of Hon. Mayowa’s birthday becomes the biggest and the thickest as Hon. Mayowa made a three day medical outreach to some selected communities in Ijumu Oke, Ijumu Arin and Gbedde respectively, to support those who are sick and may not be able to afford a medical treatment. The communities that took advantage of the laudable feat includes: Okoro and Ayetoro-Gbedde in Gbedde axis, Iyara in Ijumu Arin axis and ofcourse Egbeda-egga, his home town.

He also went ahead to make cash donations to the sick ones as he visited General Hospital in Ayetoro-Gbedde on 7th July 2023, which was his birth-day proper.

The astute politician said, I am strong and healthy that’s why I can celebrate birthday and because of the grace and privilege I received from God Almighty, I have decided to celebrate my birthday with you here, Hon. Mayowa said to those he met on the sick bed in Ayetoro-Gbedde General Hospital, as he gave them a cash envelope each.

In a short interview with Gbamblog, after the gesture towards the sick ones, Hon. Mayowa Idris said, extending this kind gestures towards our people become paramount and needful because, that should be the essential of humanity. Some of these people may not have money to support their medical treatment or to even buy drugs, so I am elated that God gave me this opportunity. This opportunity allows me to put myself in the shoes of others, understanding their struggles and challenges. This act of compassion fosters a sense of gratitude for the blessings I have received in my life, reminding me to be thankful and appreciative and I promised to continue in that manner as much as God continues to enable me, he said.

He expressed optimism, saying giving to the needy and seeing the positive impact it has on their lives give immense joy and fulfillment. Knowing that we have made a difference, no matter how small, created a sense of purpose and happiness which connects us to the fundamental essence of humanity, noting that caring for one another is the way to happiness, he said.

In his words, “I believe we have tried our best to restore hope and dignity to the recipients and to let them know that they are not alone by uplifting their spirits, giving them the strength to face their challenges with renewed optimism,
they are valued members of our societies and deserve respect and compassion”. “I hope this gesture of compassion and selflessness brought about positive change and created a meaningful impact on the life of these patients.

He however reiterated his commitment to be focused on building stronger will towards constant extension of helping hands to the less privileged in Ijumu land and world at large. I hope that our act of giving will inspire others to do the same or even more, so that can create a ripple effect of kind gesture towards a progressive outmatched and further encourage and enhance a culture of support, wherefore, our people can always see reprieve in their trying time. And our societies can be a better places and Ijumu land will particularly be great again, he told ย GBAMSBLOG .

Meanwhile, some of the patients and their wards Including hospital nurses and those who visited at that time, thanked Hon. Mayowa, pray for him and wish him happy birthday celebration, adding that, that gesture is uncommon and therefore commendable.

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