Bamidele gbekele iyanu

Techline Communications an information technology (IT) firm based in Surulere Lagos has introduced a home developed software for sales in the country.

Known as SalesLine Electronic Salesbook, the company looked at the peculiarities of the Nigerian business scape, and developed indigenous software to handle productivity better. Many business owners and managers who commended the SalesLine Electronic Sales book, said the solution would help to drive sales.

Bamidele gbekele iyanu

Techline Communications Vice President of Sales Bamidele Gbekele Iyanu discusses the significance of SalesLine Electronic Salesbook and the positive effects it will have on businesses in this interview. This is captured in this exclusive interview by Anthony Nwosu.

For what reason did I fabricate the application sale book and inventory management?

A given that we are living in the modern world. We require improvements to our current systems. Organizations Inventory and sales are in constant need of a single platform since manual inventory management comes with many issues. To be able to freely handle orders from any deal channel and to carry out routine manual stock checks so that you can alter your stock levels at any stage, it takes a significant investment.

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In addition, using that time effectively would benefit your organization. A lack of ongoing stock level visibility, delays in placing orders when stock levels are low, stock outs, and lost deals can also result from the time it takes to provide this data. In addition, you could use that time to grow your business. Real-time stock levels may not be visible due to the time required to reconcile this data; When stock levels are low, reordering may take longer, leading to stockouts and lost sales. Presently the arrangement is here.

SalesLine Salesbook and inventory management is the main answer for the issues The ability to follow your stock, and sales things at any phase of the sales cycle by stock administration. By empowering administrators to make insightful administrative decisions and automating accounting procedures, this app can assist you in managing that.

This app has additional advantages, like the ability to save time. You can dispose of the exhausting administrative work. It might be of assistance to you in managing your buying and selling. Likewise, it can help you for a simple progression of cash. Last but not least, it has the capacity to please your client.

Who were you thinking of when you came up with this solution?

My sister owns a book store, so she needed a quick and effective way to keep track of her sales. There is at present a requirement for an instrument that does this since the cutting edge world is overwhelmed by the utilization of data Innovation devices. The time has gone when we need to keep records in documents journals. A worker in an industry had a hard time keeping track of sales and inventory. We need time to get the details of a product if we need its name and quantity in a hurry. To find the solution, we must exert effort. After that, we need to record the specifics in writing so that we can present them to our boss. It takes a long time to complete. In its terms, it is old. This motivated me to develop a novel solution to the provider’s issues and tensions. To provide him with a platform so that his work can be useful and intelligent.

What is the extraordinary arrangement about this and what recognizes it from others on the rack?

The unique feature of this app is how the platform tracks everything with a single click, including the product’s quantity, stock, capacity, description, sales history, and other product-related information. You can track down even the minor insights regarding the item. With reliable information and bits of information that reveal everything you want to know, you will have the option to have a reasonable idea of the products that your customers are purchasing.

What is the supportive network you have set up for those that will purchase this solution?

We have our every minute of every day client specialized help as well as our client achievement group accessible on reserve to deliver any type of help important to ensure our clients have a smooth and fruitful run utilizing the stage. This system is beneficial to all who wish to organize their businesses without the need for any manual labor, and it meets the basic requirements of small businesses.

Do you believe that SMEs can afford it?

A The item sells at a value that is pocket friendly . To meet your needs for inventory tracking, you need help if you really want your medium-sized business to succeed. Because of this, the platform gives you a lot of facilities and benefits that you can access with just one click. It offers you.

There are additional advantages to this app, such as the possibility of time savings. You can eliminate the tedious paperwork. It can assist you in managing your selling and buying. Additionally, it may facilitate a straightforward cash flow. Last but not least, it has the ability to please your client.

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